27 November – 16 December 2007


>>Opening 27 Nov. 7.30 PM

Textile works by Annemarie Kipar

Will be opened by Dr. Harry Darsono Phd.


Annemarie was born in Konigsberg, Germany. After graduating with honours in Child Pasychology and Pedagogy in Dresden, Annemarie went on to major in French Languange and Literature at the University of Lausanne, then in English Languange and Literature at Cambridge. As a polyglot, she worked in various countries in various capacities, but always in the Arts and Languanges, generally as a high level Public Relation Adviser.

The famous restaurant knows as ‘annemarie’ in San Fransisco was concelved, designed, built, decorated, operated an managed by this artist. The Chronicle called it “The Jewel Box on Russian Hill”. Annemarie has had a lifelong connection with the arts, both her two brothers and her husband being internationally recognized artists. Also Annemarie studied art history with an emphasis om Renaisance art, at Berkeley.

Having come to Bali to write a book (now in final stages of pre-publication), Annemarie is now bringing her love of fine jewels to a new level in her Indonesia-inspired series of jeweled Batik wall-hangings and bedcovers. Most of the fabrics used are antique, although sometimes a new batik might inspire her creativity. And most of her pieces are one offs, impossible to recreate or copy, as the batik used is rare, and the collection of stones and beads which she has built up over the years would be impossible to duplicate.

In Bali, Annemarie has had two one-women shows, and participated in group show at the Sheraton Nusa Indah, Nusa Dua Bali, on the occasion of the International Tourism Organisation Cenference, 1993, which was opened by President Soeharto. Also she had a small fashion show at the Arya Duta Hotel, with her one-of-a-kind embroidered jeweled kimonos. She will do the backdrops and costumes for a Danis Theater company which will perform a Bakinese version of “A Midsummers Nights Dream” in 1995 at the Ubud palace. She donated one of her pieces to Disaster Fund for Flores, and is donating one large piece for the Art Aids foundation in the USA.

She has collectors in Europe, the US and Australia. In 2004 she showed her “Symbolic meaning pieces, of religious origin”, in San Fransisco and in 2005 in her hometown Dresden-Germany, she regards this series as her “Minute Contribution to World Peace”.