Nuttenkinder is a group of two artists – Manuel Heischel and Marc Jung -.
Both founded Nuttenkinder as a progressive art-group and
trademark in Erfurt Germany in 2006 and start up with the production of their own fashion, designer toy collection and the special Nuttenkinder art-work.

Description “Scannogramme”

“Scannogramme” is a working process with an ordinary computer scanner. Marc Jung use this scanner like a photo camera. The object he uses to scan up in this work is his own face. After the scanning process the artist doesn´t use any other computer software to change the image. The works are not manipulated like a photomontage. The work catches a special moment of time and of course a certain kind of feeling, too.

This time at the “küsse” (engl. “kisses”) exhebition you can see different dimensions of love in the pices. The artist produced this new pictures only by smacking down the head on the scanner, so the periode of touching the scanner surface is very very short because the head is coming up again very fast because of a reflex.

The whole process is similar to a kiss and everything which follows such a little thing. You have the short periode of joy and happiness exactly in the moment when you kiss somebody. But somehow you know that you give up something, some of your saftiness, the sure feeling everything is in your hands.

Nuttenkinder Artists

Manuel Heischel
Born 1980 in Erfurt, Germany
Currently lives, works and studies in Erfurt Germany


2001: Social Science at the University of Applied Sciences, Erfurt
Since 2002: study Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences, Erfurt
2006 Architecture at the KazGASA, Almaty Kazakhstan
2006-2007 Architecture at the ITB, Bandung Indonesia

Marc Jung
Born 1985 in Erfurt Germany
Currently lives, works in Erfurt- and studies in Weimar Germany


Since 2006: study in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Bauhaus
University, Weimar Germany

Selected Exhibitions:

1999: at open space exhibition, Bangkok Thailand
at Social Art Worldcomm, Pattaya Thailand
Since 2002: permanent at Schöne-Luther Gallery, Görlitz Germany
2003: at Art Gallery Riesa e.V., Dresden Germany
at Gallery Grönbacken, Erfurt Germany
Architecture- and Photo Art, Oslo Norway
Since 2004: permanent at House of Fine Arts, Erfurt Germany
permanent at Zughafen Gallery, Erfurt Germany
2004: at Federal Exhibition of Fine Arts in the District Administration Office,
Kamenz Germany
Since 2005: private Exhibition, Copenhagen Denmark
2005: at National Federation of Fine Arts Gallery, Erfurt Germany
2006: at KazGASA, Almaty Kazakhstan
at Gallery IPTEK for “New Media Art-Teknofutura Mengada-ADA”,
Bandung Indonesia
at Soemardja Galeri for own exhibition “CIK CUK Nuttenkinder and
Friends”, Bandung Indonesia
at Eigenheim Gallerie for “Bilderwahn”, Weimar Germany
2007: at Toi Moi Galeri for “Black Urban Art”, Jakarta Indonesia
at Soemardja Galeri for “Good morning: City Noise!!-Sound Art
Project” Bandung Indonesia
At Eigenheim Gallerie for “Lost Pilots”, Weimar Germany

Art Performance:

2003: Photo and Action Art, Warschau Poland
2006: Pasar Seni Art Festival own performance “Art Recicle”, Bandung
Djarum Super Musikfestival “Weekend Rendevous Sound of
Independent”, Bandung Indonesia


2003: Finalist of Debitel Design Competition “Komunikation”,Germany
2004: Finalist of Braun-Ideen aus Stein “Kunst auf Straßenpflaster”, Ulm